Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Master Bathroom

Yay!!! We start construction on Monday. I cannot explain how excited I am. Now I will be able to post real updates of progress which is going to be great since this is my final room inspiration post.

When I first moved to New York, my apartment was a 300 square foot studio. I didn't really have a lot of room to do anything too creative. I did however paint my bathroom bright royal blue. I have always loved dark blue in the bathroom. I think it is such a great color with white and it is so calming. In our new apartment, I figured since the bedroom was going to be yellow and grey with touches of aqua, doing yellow and navy in the attached bath would be perfect. A true complement without being too "matchy matchy". The master bath is very small so we are doing subway tile throughout the space (like the photo) and then painting the walls above navy. I have already purchased the yellow accents (a rug and towels) and we just need to buy our fixtures and we will be all set.

We also have decided to take the fixture from the kitchen and put it in the master bath. I always love a good pop of color so we figured it would be perfect. Originally, we were going to try and hang this over the dining room table but when DP took it down the other day, he discovered that it was indeed plastic and not wrought iron like we thought. So although we still want to keep it around, we probably shouldn't feature it so predominantly in the apartment. We will enjoy it every night when we brush our teeth.


  1. We have those towels in blue at the shop! Are they from Anthropologie? So excited to see the construction start!

  2. Yes they are from Anthro-- of course I only bought two because they are a small fortune for a hand towel but I love it and we can wash them!

  3. OMG as I read this post I was thinking "I'm in love with those towels!" and planned to ask you were you found them. Too funny :)