Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Guest Bathroom

Although we have still not started renovations on our apartment, we decided that we need to buy what we can and just hope that we start soon.  So we did some damage at the container store and pottery barn this weekend and are on our way. 

We finally decided what we want to do with our guest bathroom and ended up buying a bunch of stuff for the space at Pottery Barn.  I always love decorating bathrooms.  I feel like you can be a little bit more creative with them because they are a not a central living space but they are a still a space that everyone sees.

A couple of weeks ago, I ordered shower curtains on a whim from Urban Outfitters.  The pattern doesn't really fit with the decor of the rest of the apartment but I thought that the colors were perfect so I went for it.  Low and behold the curtains are sold out now so I am really happy I bought them when I did.  This is a picture of the duvet cover (same fabric).  The grey, tan, and yellow is perfect if not aesthetically in terms of its pallet with the rest of the apartment.

We picked out our sink from Home Depot and then used this photo as inspiration for the look of the space.  We are doing subway tile in the shower area but white wainscoting around the rest of the bathroom (just like in the photo).  We also bought a glass shelf for above the sink and very simple fixtures (from Pottery Barn).  I discovered through this process that I am apparently pretty picky when it comes to bathroom lighting fixtures.  DP and I decided on the below because we thought it was simple and cute.  I was obviously looking for gallery lighting because I love this bathroom to the left so much but I think the below works better for us.

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  1. Love the light you two ended up with. Nice work Anne and Dan