Tuesday, February 22, 2011


We had the pleasure of going to Gardenstate Soapstone on Saturday this past weekend. DP had done a ton of research on counter tops and we decided that soapstone was the best for us. It is actually pretty incredible and the guy that owned the place, Jay, gave us a full tour and explanation of every stone there. Apparently, soapstone can be used as ice cubes and as a cooking material because it retains temperature for so long and is chemically inert. It also will never get scratched or stained; you can just sand it smooth with standard sand paper if anything happens to it. It is also less expensive then granite which is something that we were definitely looking for. We ended up choosing a really beautiful piece that is actually the last of that exact type of stone from its specific quarry. It is not the classic stone with white veining but rather a very dark black with touches of dark green marbling. Here is a picture of a small piece. We are very excited about it and think it is going to look great in our kitchen.

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