Tuesday, February 15, 2011

How To: Make a Fabric Covered Bookshelf

I have become obsessed with fabric--- I literally just keep buying it and am running out of things to use it for.  I came up with this project because I had all this extra gray fabric and I couldn't figure out what to do with it.  I had bought a very inexpensive wood build-it-yourself shelf and I figured why not cover that.  I am going to use it in the master bedroom as organization for my sewing stuff so I thought it worked perfectly.

1. Gather supplies.  You will need the following
* Mod Podge
* Sand Paper
*Wet Towel
*Brush/ sponge/ towel for applying Mod Podge
*Shelf pieces

2. Sand the pieces of wood.  Not too much but enough to make the mod podge soak into the wood.  After you are done wipe thoroughly with a wet towel and dry.

3. Cut fabric to the size of the pieces.  Some pieces I covered both sides and some I only did one side- predetermine if you want any exposed wood and cut a piece of fabric for each side.  This can be approximate size because you will have to trim once it is attached. 
4. Cover the wood in mod podge.  With my self I had to be conscious of where there were pre-drilled holes.  When I covered them in fabric I made sure to immediately poke the fabric with scissors as to not cover the holes. 

5.  Now you have fabric covered pieces.  I trimmed the fabric very close to all the edges that would need to attach to other pieces.  The front exposed edges I folded over about 1/8" of fabric so there was a finished fabric edge on each piece. 

6. Follow the manufacturers instructions about how to assemble the shelf.  (This was seriously the hardest part of this project).

7. Cover the edges in a coordinating ribbon.  If you remember the master bedroom is going to be grey and yellow with aqua accents so I figured the aqua ribbon would work wonderfully.

8. Admire your work!

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  1. I love this! What a great project. Where did you get the bookshelf you started with?? Ahh ModPodge how I have missed you!