Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Fabric and Pillows

This is not our apartment :-)
I am very excited today because I did some online shopping damage yesterday and bought a lot of the remaining things I need to finish a lot of my projects.  First I bought all the supplies I need to make roman blinds for the living room.  I actually ended up buying curtains from crate and barrel for $12.99 each because it was cheaper than buying all the fabric I needed.   I am going to convert these to roman blinds because I like the feel better for the living room. I have not quite figured out all I will need to do to convert these to blinds but I think it will be pretty simple with all the blind tutorials online.   I bought lining and all the tools I need to make them so hopefully I will get around to do everything in the next week or so. 

Guest Bedroom Curtain
I found fabric I am in love with for the curtains in the guest room.  I actually found out today that it is on backorder which I am really bummed about but I figured that is my easiest project so I am not that worried about it.  I am a little worried they may be kind of busy but I think it will be ok because the bedding is plain white and the walls are navy.  I think it will be a good pop.

I made a few more pillows last week.  The two yellow ones I actually posted about before, but the green one is a new addition for the guest room.  I have one more pillow to complete for the guest room and 4 more for the living room but they don't actually take that long to make so I am not too worried.  

I also ordered all the materials to make our headboard (except for the wood).  My hope is that we get to make it by next weekend.  This is industrious because we are in the process of packing DP's apartment right now because he has to move out on the 14th.  Sadly the new apartment won't be ready for him to live in yet but we want to try and finish the headboard before we move in. 

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