Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Week 4: Construction

I realize that we have already completed week 5 of construction, but I am a little behind in posting my photos. Week 4 brought about a lot of finishing work.  They finished the closets and all of the ceilings and actually started prepping a lot of the walls for paint.  These photos were taken pre-hardwood floor installation but they give you a good status view of the project.  Week 4 also brought a lot of work on the plumbing which was a relief.  They installed the shower bodies and began looking into all the plumbing problems that have happened since then (yuck).  I will post Week 5 pictures tomorrow.  Enjoy. 

Master Bedroom Closet
Glass above the door in the MB

Finished hall ceiling

Years of paint and wallpaper in the guest bath

Squared out dumb waiter shaft

New copper piping-- oooo ahhh

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