Thursday, March 31, 2011

Almost There

This week has been crazy.  We have been coming and going to the apartment virtually every morning and every evening and often throughout the day as well.  But apparently like most parts of life craziness brings progress.  We have now almost finished painting, installed most electrical fixtures, and installed the kitchen cabinets.  We also have 1 toilet that is fully functional and 1 sink which is fully functional (two different bathrooms but hey its something).  The majority of the aesthetic work will be done tomorrow and then the plumber/ electrician/ tub glazer/ furniture/ and coutertop guys come next week.  All in all the place is coming along nicely.  Not quite completely livable as we had hoped but it will be next week which is nice.  Here are the pictures from two nights ago- I will post more later today as well.
Living Room Wall

Living Room
Guest Bath

Hall Way (this will be the stripe color)

Master Bath

Working Toilet

Master Bedroom Closet

Guest Bedroom

Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen Cabinets

Dumb Waiter

Fancy New Stove

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