Friday, March 11, 2011

Master Bedroom

Every time I go to the apartment, it feels like the master bedroom is getting smaller. I know this isn't true and I know we laid out the furniture on the to-scale floor plan, but it just feels like the room is ultimately going to feel crowded. We are trying to come up with some alternate ideas of how to set up the room and haven't been totally successful.

The first thing we realized we need to get rid of our two side tables. This makes me really sad because I had great ideas about how to paint them, but they just aren't going to be practical. We are trying to come up with other ideas for end tables. We have two bedside lamps (that we may have to trade for wall sconces) and we each have an alarm clock- so we need something right next to the bed. At first I suggested really, really small shelves. After discussing that idea though, we don't really think it is practical. My new idea is based off of the end tables I had in my hotel room in LA this week. DP thinks they are too modern (and I tend to agree) but there is something about the idea of them... and I think they would be pretty easy to create. Obviously these are also too big but I like the way they are anchored to the wall.

Anyway, we now have to add it to the list of things we need to build. If anyone has any ideas that are smaller than standard bedside tables let me know--

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