Tuesday, July 5, 2011

How To Paint Raw Pine


When we were decorating the bedroom, I knew that I wanted to paint our raw pine furniture. We had two antique pieces and then three pine pieces that just didn't fit in the space. I haven't quite decided what I am doing with the dresser but I knew right away that I wanted our end tables to become the pop of color our room needed.

Sand paper
Wax (I used Fiddes Wax which I had to order online)
Paint Brush
Lint free rag
Rubber Gloves

1. Start by washing and sanding any imperfections in your wood. My wood was raw but there were a few places it had been patched up which I sanded and then wiped clean with a wet rag.
2. Paint the piece of furniture. I chose a light blue/ aqua colored paint. I really only did one coat on most of the piece but ended up applying a second on the top. Let dry for 24 hours.

3. After everything is dry, take a fine grain sand paper and sand the edges and top of the wood. The intent is to reveal a little of the raw wood beneath and make it look a little old and weathered.
4. Wipe down again with a dry rag to make sure no remaining dust is around.
5. Take the wax (I bought a dark brown version) and using a paint brush apply strokes with the grain.

6. Immediately after applying the wax, take a dry lint-free rag and begin to wipe the wax into the wood. This will remove a lot of excess wax and let you really work in the wax so you can get the desired look. Continue this process until you have done the entire piece.

7. After it is all dried and you have worked in the wax, take your old nylons and use them to buff the piece. Basically you are just at this point really trying to work the wax completely into the wood so that it doesn't cake in any areas or rub off.
8. When you are finished with that, it is time to reassemble the piece and it is ready for use. If you are not happy with any of the areas of wax feel free to use paint to retouch or just sand out some of the wax. Painting furniture is very forgiving as you can always just take a step back and fix the problem.



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