Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Before and After Hallway

Hallway Before
Hallway After
When I first began this whole apartment process, the one thing I was dead set on was stripes in the hallway. I love stripes-- I probably own over two dozen shirts or dresses that are striped and I thought it would be awesome to incorporate them into our apartment. That said, when I first proposed painting the hallway with vertical stripes DP was not overly enthusiastic. So I set out on the internet to find individuals, designers, anyone who had painted stripes in their homes. I found tons of different examples. None exactly what I wanted, but close enough to get an "A-Okay" from DP on the idea. I knew I wanted the stripes to be subtle and not too overwhelming; I also knew that they needed to seamlessly flow into the kitchen and living room and really tie the apartment together.


It was hard to say goodbye to the original hallway wallpaper. There was this amazing velour print wallpaper throughout the entire hall-- it was black and gold and had probably been put up in the early 1950's. It was amazing but in complete disarray. I contemplated actually wallpapering the space instead (I am really into wallpaper again), but my taste in wallpaper was way too expensive for my budget. The paint seemed the best option. I did attempt to keep a square of wall paper to hang in a frame, but alas, our contractor wasn't able to salvage any-- it just flaked off.

Chandelier in the Bedroom
Picking out the colors for the stripes was fun. Again, I wanted something neutral because my plan was to put a large collection of photos up in the hallway where you walk in. I also knew I wanted to keep the chandelier that was in the second bedroom when we bought the apartment; it was amazing and needed to be in a far more prominent position. So, we selected the living room colors and then selected a complimentary tan to go in the hallway. We ended up paying someone to come in and actually do the work. I was pretty confident I could do it but as DP said it would have taken me several months to actually get it done. I think it was all worth the extra money and I am totally in love with how it turned out.
Before Gallery
After Gallery
Kitchen Poster

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