Friday, June 17, 2011

Before and After Kitchen

Inspiration: Subway Tile and White Cabinets
DP and I have been dreaming about our kitchen for a long time.  We spent pain staking hours deciding what type of cabinets we wanted, what type of counter tops, how we wanted to the room to be laid out, etc.  I read a lot about kitchen design and we spent time figuring out how to best lay out the kitchen.  We shopped out real wood cabinets at a couple of different places and ended up going with a recommendation from a friend and used this guy out in Staten Island.  He did a really great job and even though we spent way too much time that we will never get back at home depot picking out appliances and way too much time in the car driving to way out New Jersey to buy counter tops, I am really happy with how the space ended up. 

Moonstruck Inspiration
If you remember we wanted something that was crisp and bright while having a nod to very traditional kitchen design.  We used various blog photos, the movie Moonstruck, and years of thinking what we wish was in our kitchen but in the end the space is pretty, open and very practical- it also is very fun to cook in and hang out in which I think is the most important part of any kitchen.  If is really most often what makes a space feel like a home.

View A: Before
View A: After

View A: Original
View B: Before
View B: After

View C: Before
View C: After
After :-)


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