Thursday, July 7, 2011

Crate Nightstand - Before and After

I love old crates. I think they are so cool and useful. I have moved this old crate (that you can kind of see in the image below) with me to all of my apartments in NYC. I actually have no idea where it came from; the options are really my grandmother, mother, or a flea market. I used it in my old apartment just sitting on the floor in the kitchen to hold tupperware. This worked really well until we got a puppy and the tupperware needed to move to greener more elevated pastures. Anyway, I moved it to this apartment and decided I really wanted to turn it into a nightstand in the guest room. I just thought it needed more prominent placement.

So, while I was painting the other night tables, I put DP to work creating a night stand.

First, I bought some legs from home depot and had DP cut them down so they were short enough to use as end-table legs.
Attaching them was a bit tricky but DP managed to screw them into the slats just inside the corner blocks.
The legs were new raw pine and the crate was some darker, harder, and stained wood.
DP primed them with some of the left over paint from our living room wall. By mixing a latex candy apple red paint with a bit of water, DP created a sort of deep colored stain. Once the primer was dry, he applied just one even coat of the stain/paint.

Here it is dry and in its new home next to the guest bed.

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