Monday, September 26, 2011

Guest Bathroom Before and After

I am sorry I have not posted anything in awhile.  I got in trouble this weekend by several of my friends for my lack of posting so I figured I must update my blog.  Two big things happened two weeks ago.  First we finished stenciling the guest bathroom which was a very long project.  Second we got engaged! Yay!  The second is obviously a bit more exciting but the first was actually quite a feat.   My mom came to town and helped us a lot on the start of this project, we intended to finish in that one weekend but that was just not in the cards.  She of course could not stay for the weeks that followed (bummer) but I think we did a good job finishing.  DP begrudgingly helped and actually ended up doing most of it as I got caught up in other craftiness.

Well this blog will probably very soon become The House on Love Lane Gets Hitched but for now I do have a couple posts to continue our home renovation.  I hope you enjoy our guest bathroom when you come to visit us as much as I do.  It really has been a labor of love.

Bathroom Before Construction

Mid Construction

Post Construction


Mid Stenciling

Completed Stenciling

Finished Bathroom

Finished Bathroom

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