Friday, April 8, 2011

Move In Week 1

So looking back at this week there are some gaps in photos which I apologize for.  I have actually been pretty diligent about taking them so this post is an array of photos from the past week.  DP has moved his stuff into the apartment and we are now in the state of unpacking.  I don't move in until the end of the month which basically means we are moving in for 3 weeks but hey- that is life sometimes.

Chandelier from the Guest Room in the Front Hall

Guest Bath Sconce

Dining Room Pennants

Fixture from the Kitchen in the Master Bath

Master Bedroom Closet

Headboard in the master Bedrom

Master Bathroom storage

Newly glazed tub

Living Room with new furniture and my homemade pillows

1 comment:

  1. it looks awesome! Thank you for posting pics so I could stop stalking your blog to get a peek!