Monday, April 18, 2011

Decorating Updates

We are not nearly as far along as I think we would both like to be but I am hoping this week is where we push to get everything finished.  The cabinet doors get installed tomorrow which I think will make a big difference-- allowing us to unpack the kitchen.  Just as a reminder I have included a kitchen picture without the doors. 

This weekend we didn't actually get very much done.  The only real thing we did was to hang some more pictures in the living room, please ignore the fact that some of the frames are empty.  This is a combination of not having photos from my parents house that I want and hanging more frames than I originally intended.   There are actually a couple more going up but I had to take one of them to the frame store so that wall won't be completely done until sometime the last week of April.  I will hopefully be accomplishing a lot this week and next so I will try and keep up posting pictures. 

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