Monday, January 31, 2011

Bedroom Inspiration

Fabric.  I can sum up my inspiration for the Master Bedroom in one word: fabric.  Ever since I first had the opportunity to decorate my bedroom when I was about 15, I decided that I would always rather create bedroom pillows and accents than buy things off the shelf.  I remember actually making a pillow once with printed chiffon fabric which I double layered.  The fabric was floral, so I took fake flower pedals and put them in between the layers of fabric. 

For the master bedroom, I turned towards for my inspiration and palette.  I decided first that I really loved the idea of grey and yellow.  I had seen it in a couple of different places and just thought it was the perfect mix of warm and cool colors for a bedroom.  DP was on board with the color, but we were going back and forth about what exactly we wanted to make and what we wanted to buy. Initially, I had found some yellow and gray fabric that was a very bright yellow - far more modern than I had originally wanted.  I bought it and was going to buy a duvet cover and make pillows and shams for the bed.  That ended up being a direction that didn't seem to work. So when I sat down with DP and was showing him some other options, we decided to build the headboard and cover it in fabric and then buy a simple grey, stock comforter.  I am so excited for this project.  The bird print above will be the headboard and the other fabrics will be used as complements.  The yellow fabric I purchased is a DwellStudio design from  for less than $20.  I ended up making two 18" x 18" matching pillows for the bed.  Last week when I was purusing the web I saw the same pillows on sale at DwellStudio (pictured above).  Let me tell you, the pillows took all of ten minutes to make and as I said before cost me less than $20 total for the whole project; the DwellStuido pillows are $58 a piece and sold out. 

I have light turquoise accessories for a splash of color and am still trying to find either fabric for the curtains or pre-made ones, but I am having a very hard time.  I still have a lot of work to do sewing together the Master Bedroom-- but I have to say it is actually pretty easy and a lot of fun.

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  1. Love it! Was Something White by chance "one of the places" you saw this color combo as it is grey, yellow with splashes of blue!!!???!!! We are so excited to be part of the inspiration if that is the case :) Getting even more excited to visit!